Buying a Home Find a Realtor - Find a Realtor

Buying a Home Find a Realtor.

You should search for a local Licensed Realtor® who is a member of the Local Board of Realtors®.

Lucky for you, I am a Licensed Realtor® in the State of Florida and work in the area of Broward County Florida.

If you are not loooking to Find a Realtor in Broward County Florida, here are some links to Find a Realtor in other States.

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Detailed tips on Buying a Home;

Buying a Home - Should You be Buying a Home?

* Are you ready to purchase real estate?
* Buying a home vs. renting
* Buying a home and tax breaks

Buying a Home - Get Ready to Purchase.

* Determine your housing needs before buying a home?
* Other questions to ask before buying a home.

Buying a Home - Get Prequalified for a Mortgage.

* What is the difference between mortgage prequalification and mortgage preapproval?
* What is a mortgage?
* How does a mortgage lender qualify you for a mortgage loan?
* What is a credit score?
* How can I get information about my credit report?
* How does my credit report affect my mortgage qualifying for home buying?
* What if there is a mistake on my credit report?
* Can I qualify for a mortgage to purchase real estate without a credit history?
* What income source(s) can be used to qualify for a mortgage?
* How much income do I need to qualify for a mortgage loan?
* What factors can affect my mortgage payment?
* How much of a down payment do I need when buying a house?
* What is an LTV, and how does it affect the size of my mortgage loan?
* What is included in the mortgage payment?
* What is an escrow account? Do I need one when home buying.
* Can I pay off my mortgage ahead of time?
* What type of mortgage loans are available?
* When does an ARM loan (adjustable rate mortgage) make sense?
* What do I need to do to secure a mortgage loan?
* When buying a home, how do I choose the right mortgage lender?
* Are there special mortgages for a first time home buyer?
* How does an interest rate factor in securing a mortgage loan?
* What happens if interest rates decrease, and I have a fixed rate mortgage loan?
* Research down payment assistance, government grants and mortgages by state.
* Mortgage calculator to calculate mortgage payment based on mortgage rates.

Buying a Home - Find a Realtor.

* What is the role of a Realtor, when home buying?
* How do I select a Realtor when buying a house?

Buying a Home - Searching for Homes for Sale

* What questions should I ask when looking for a home?
* What to look for in a community when searching real estate?
* Where can I find resources about communities I like when buying a home?
* How can I get information on local schools?
* When buying a house, how do I find out the price of real estate in a certain community?
* When doing a walk through, what should I look for?

Buying a Home - Make your Real Estate Offer

* When home buying, how do I determine the initial offer?
* What is earnest money deposit?
* Making the final offer to purchase real estate.

Buying a Home - Getting a Mortgage

* Now that you have found a house, take these steps to get a mortgage.
* When buying a house, what do I need to secure a mortgage loan?
* How do I choose a loan program when home buying?
* How do I compare mortgage terms between mortgage lenders?
* Information on mortgages.
* When applying for a mortgage, are there any costs or fees?
* How does a good faith estimate help shopping for a mortgage?
* What is RESPA?
* What are my responsibilities during the mortgage loan process?

Buying a Home - Close your Real Estate Transaction

* What happens after I've applied for a mortgage loan?
* What does a house inspector do, and how does a real estate inspection figure in when buying a house?
* Are there other types of real estate inspections I need when purchasing real estate?
* What are the terms of the sale agreement when buying a house?
* At real estate closing, what will my settlement cost be?
* What do I get after closing?
* What can I expect on closing day when buying a house?

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