Buying a Home vs. Renting a home

Buying a Home - Buying a Home vs. Renting a home?

The biggest factors here are why you are buying a home and your finances. Can you make the payments regularly and how long do you look forward to living in the Home?

Buying a home is the American dream, but it can also turn into a nightmare!

Most Families settle down and purchase a home for stability, raise their kids and enjoy home ownership while watching their investment grow. But home ownership has it's perils; appliances break down, plumbing, roof maintenance, lawn care (sprinklers). But what can be better than watching the kids play in the back yard with the dog, while you sit back and enjoy YOUR Home?

If you are one that is not yet settled down, think you might be moving around, or your job is not very stable - maybe renting is the key for now. It's a nightmare when you purchase a home, then can't make the payment, or get a job transfer and now incur a mortgage and another rent or mortgage at the new location.

Buying a Home vs Renting a Home is definitely something you should not take lightly.

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