Foreclosure in Broward County

Foreclosures in Broward County are on the rise!

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If you have been served with notice of Lis Pendens or Foreclosure notice, you must act fast to preserve your credit and stop foreclosure from causing further damage to your future.

This is not the end, we can get you back on your feet and stronger than before!

There are several ways to Stop the Foreclosure process.

You can Negotiate with the lender to restructure your loan.

But do you really think the lender is going to just lower your payments and wipe out your late payments? If you can't afford the payments, how are going to make future payments?

If this is the option you would like to explore, contact me a call and I can refer a friendly attorney to negotiate for you.

Refinance to prevent foreclosure

You can try to refinance your house. Generally if you are behind on payments and facing foreclosure in broward county, your credit has already been affected. This makes it difficult to refinance. You might qualify for a foreclosure bail out loan. These loans are generally provide a higher interest rate, but are great for a short term fix and stop the broward county foreclosure process.

Sell your house before foreclosure

Contact me for more information on how to sell before foreclosure

The other step is to sell your house. You are probably saying the same many homeowners are saying, "how can I sell my house in this declining real estate market?". There are step to sell your house before foreclosure in Broward County. Many homeowners in foreclosure in Broward county owe more for their house than their house is worth, or could sell for in the current real estate market. If you still have equity left, you can sell to a real estate investor who will buy for a discounted price, generally 65% of it's market value.

Also see: Short Sale for more information on prevent foreclosure in Broward County.

How to recover from Foreclosure? I have plenty of resources available to clean up your credit, just look on the left of this site. The sooner you start the better!