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What are House Investors? Home investors are people like the "We Buy Houses" program that you have seen advertised on your television set. They are investors who buy houses, normally from sellers who are in need to sell fast, have damages houses, or need to prevent foreclosure and require a quick sale of their houses.

Our House Investor - We Buy Houses program works very similar. Since many home owners can't use the assistance of a Realtor to sell their houses, and we have numerous Real Estate investors that are interested in buying properties, we have come up with a happy medium that creates a WIN-WIN situation.

By submitting your information Below, it is forwarded directly to our network of house investors. In turn this allows you, the seller, to enjoy their competition --therefore getting the most for your property.

Benefits of our House Investors - We Buy Houses Program!

No Realtor Commissions
You don't pay any real estate commission, as all we are doing is passing your information to our investors. Eventually when they are ready to rent or re-sell the property, they will pay us our commission for that effort.

No Need To Do Repairs
Our House Investors don't require you make any repairs to the property, most of them are cash buyers and don't require a bank approval or bank inspections! This way you can save your time and money.

No Closing Costs
Our Real Estate Investors will pay most of the closing costs, and you know up front the amount you will have in hand when you walk away from the closing table. They typically pay all related costs such as physical inspections, termite inspections, appraisals, surveys, title insurance policies, recording fees, etc. Sure you will have some closing costs that are inevitable, such as taxes.

Close When You Want
With our house Investors, If you need to wait until your next home is built and/or lease this home back for a while after the sale, they will work with you. Our House investors are flexible so you can close in a few days or a few months, whatever best fits your timeline.

No Hassle Transaction
You don't have to worry about constantly cleaning the house for the hordes of lookers. You also won't have to worry about starting over months later because your buyer can't qualify for financing. Our Home Investors handle all the paperwork and details. All you do is show up at closing to sign some papers and pick up your check.

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