Your Licensed Realtor® for Plantation Real Estate!

Whether you are looking to Sell your house or Buy a home, I am here to assist you in making the right choice, protect your interest and help you get the best value on Plantation Real Estate.

Why use a Broward Realtor®? Full time Realtors know the market, understand real estate law, and are members of the National Association of Realtors. We are dedicated to providing highly ethical and professional service to our clients. A licensed Realtor® will help you make the right choices from the start. Our experience can help you save time, money, and aggravation when Selling or Buying Plantation Real Estate.

Frank Ortiz is a full time Realtor who is very dedicated to providing extraordinary service in the home buying and selling process. I will make sure your real estate experience is a successful and enjoyable experience with reliable, fast & professional service.

Research has shown that over 75% of home buyers start their home search by means of the internet. Internet Technology is very important. YOU found me this way! I will Sell your house or help you find a home using all the latest technologies and computer resources.

My clients receive professional, personalized, and loyal service. I will assist you through every step in your real estate transaction and hopefully thereafter.

If you are looking for a licensed Realtor® who will represent your best interests, manage every detail of your transaction, keep you informed, use the latest tools of technology and marketing, answer your phone calls personally, and provide you with unsurpassed service, please call me today (954-822-0796).

SELLING YOUR HOUSE? I can provide you with a detailed Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). This will reveal the true value of your house, the proceeds you will receive after all costs, and how other houses in your area have performed on the market.

Want an ADVANTAGE over other Buyers? fill out the Home Search criteria form, you will automatically receive properties that match your criteria as soon as they come available. This allows you to be one of the first to know about listed homes as they come available.

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