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In a real estate transaction, the only person qualified to give legal advice is a real estate attorney. One of the greatest benefits of hiring an attorney to represent you in your real estate transaction is that the attorney has an ethical obligation to work on behalf of your best interest.

Hiring a real estate lawyer before you sign a purchase contract is ideal since an attorney will be able to help you avoid potential problems and safeguard your interests with regards to the contract and that will ensure that your home-buying experience is smoothly and any issues are resolved prior to closing. A Real Estate lawyer will issue a title insurance policy, for your purchase and sale or refinance transaction.

Some of the services a Real Estate Attorney provides for the client are:

  • To review contracts and ensure that all provisions and contingencies are in the best interest of the client
  • Inform the client of his or her legal rights and obligations
  • Obtain a title search to evaluate title and clear any title defects
  • Prepare and/or review the closing statement and all other closing documents
  • Interpret and advise regarding all legal documents related to the transaction, including deeds, mortgages and closing statements
  • Check for unrecorded municipal liens, including sewer and special assessment liens
  • Prepare a bill of sale to cover any personal property that will be included in the sale of the property

Attorney vs. Title Agency

A title agency and a Florida real estate lawyer both cost about the same. However, the benefits of hiring a real estate lawyer to handle the title insurance is that he or she can also prepare the purchase contract, resolve title or inspection issues and can provide the client with legal advice, which is something that a title agency that is not affiliated with a real estate attorney cannot do.

Miami Dade and Broward Real Estate Attorney, Ingrid Santamaria will assist you in every aspect of your Real Estate transaction in Florida, wether residential or commercial Real Estate.