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Getting Ready to Rent a home

Don't worry if you have never rented a home before, we are here to ensure things go smooth with your rental home.

Here are the basics of renting a home:

Finding a Rental Home is not as easy as everyone might think. Sure you can find numerous homes for rent by searching our rental mls, but not all of the homes might match your needs and landlords have different requirements. Don't worry, we are here to assist you.

Credit and Background - Yes, most landlords want to see a credit report and a background check. Don't worry, perfect credit is not expected, and previous accidents don't disqualify you! But the landlords will still want to see these, so it's best to get them ready to show the propsective landlord when we submit your offer to rent a home.

First, Last and Security - Most landlords do ask for three months to move in to a renta home. It's best if you have these funds ready. One month's worth of rent is the norm when submitting your offer to rent, then the rest is due prior to moving in.

Pets - Not all landlords accept pets, if they do there is normally an additional security deposit requested by the landlords.

The best way to look at things is by placing yourself in the shoes of the landlord - what would ask for if this was your investment?