Sell House by Owner

So you made a choice to atleast learn how to sell house by owner. It's not that difficult! Mostly it's just marketing and exposure --making your house visible to those who are interested in buying a home.

Sure I am a licensed real estate agent, but I still want to provide a service to those who want to sell their home by owner. If you need any tips along the way, feel free to ask me or read some of the real estate articles provide free from Zitrof.

Ok so ready to get started selling your house by owner? Just click below or here for to sell house by owner.

For Sale By Owner


Advantages to selling house by owner

There are advantages to selling your house yourself, here are a few:

  • There is no Brokerage Fee ( real estate commission) to be paid. You receive all of the proceeds (less closing cost). This is, of course, the biggest benefit of selling your own house.
  • You are in control of your transaction, but should always consult with a Real Estate Attorney.
  • A Real Estate agent has several houses they are trying to sell, you can focus more on your house when selling by owner.
  • You show your own property, no one will be snooping through your drawers or personal effects while you are not home.
  • No one knows your house better than you. You can point out more of the features your house has, and shy away from the drawbacks.
  • If you get along with your neighbors, it would be a good idea to mention how great and helpful they are, without making them sound like nosy neighbors.

Disadvantages to selling house by owner

There are also disadvantages to selling your house by owner, here are a few:

  • Most sellers are not as practiced, nor have the time to sell their own houses.
  • You must front all the marketing and advertising expenses in order to reach the same amount of home buyers as a Real Estate agent.
  • Your listing will not be included in the MLS unless you pay a flat fee company to list your property, therefore Real Estate agents (who have most of the buyers) will not show your property.
  • Lack of market knowledge, agents know market trends in your neighborhood and will be able to price your home better. You can get free a house value report at
  • If you are not very skilled at negotiating you might sell your house for less than optimal price.
  • There is alot of contract, contingencies and other legal matters that require knowledge and understanding. It is recommended that you acquire the services of a real estate attorney. You can also get real estate forms, read real estate articles and ask questions on the real estate forum at
  • Most home sellers are emotionally attached to their homes, this can hinder negotiations.

Tips to sell house by owner

Here are a few tips or hints to selling your house by owner:


Trying to sell house by owner is not easy, so remember if you need help, feel free to contact me, search for real estate articles or ask questions on the real estate forum.