Tips for selling Broward Homes

Looking for Tips on Selling Broward Homes?

With the assistance of a licensed Realtor® and following these home selling tips, we are on our way to quickly selling your Broward home for above market home value.

One of the first things to do is to look at your Broward County house as a property, real estate, or a marketable commodity. It is a house, soon to be someone else’s home. If you refer to this piece of real estate as a house, and no longer a home, this will assist you in getting mentally prepared for selling and moving on to your new home. Don’t worry, you will soon have a new HOME. Let’s get started with some to-do-things.

De-Personalize your House:
Psychology and emotion play a part in almost everything we do. We must make the buyer feel like this house will be their home, and not yours. Helpful in this field is removing family pictures, trophies, plaques, collectibles souvenirs, and knick-knacks. Put these items in a box and place the box in the attic (if no attic, get a rental storage), not a closet.

We must remove clutter. You might not see it as clutter, but the buyer will. Remove clutter from your closets, drawers, counter tops, bathrooms, kitchen, and garage. After many years of owning the house, you have collected lots of “stuff”. Again place these things in a box, and place it in the attic or in storage. Remember you are moving soon. If there are several things that you don’t use regularly, then box them up and store them out of sight. Don’t worry Frank will assist in pointing some of these things out to you.

Interior Appearance:
Make the house look as clean as possible. A good idea might be to hire a one time cleaning service, and have them perform a thorough cleaning. Also keep it in this condition. In the bathrooms make sure the showers, sinks, and toilets are clean. P.S. (remove extra clutter from the cabinets, and make sure the bathrooms smell fresh and clean). If the faucets can’t be cleaned, buy new ones (they are an inexpensive investment compared to return value).
In the kitchen, remove all dishes from the sink, and the dishwasher. Store all extra appliances in storage. Clean the oven, stove, microwave, and refrigerator (inside and out). Again clean the faucets, or buy new ones.
Keep the floorsswitches or electrical outlets cracked or broken, buy new ones (they are very inexpensive). Make sure they all work properly or hire an electrician to fix them. A non-working light switch or electrical outlet will affect the buyer and will be found by the inspector anyways, so you might as well fix it now.
Look up! See the dirt on those A/C vents and ceiling fans? Those need to be cleaned as well. It easy, just get a damp rag.
Wipe down the washer and dryer. No need to buy new ones, but try to make them seem as new as possible. Remove all the dirt from behind, and maybe you can spray some silicone on the belts if they squeak.
Clean all the drapes and blinds. Maybe the drapes can be washed or taken to the cleaners. Wipe down the blinds and window ledges.

Eliminate all odors. If you smoke, it might be a good time to start smoking outside. Nothing can be a turnoff more than a bad smelling house. Leave the A/C on; cooler houses have a fresher feel.

Exterior Appearance:
Keep lawns cut, and edged.
Trim hedges and shrubs.
Weed and edge gardens.
Plant colorful, inexpensive flowers.
Clear driveway and clean up oil spills (re-tarring the driveway should cost between $150-350).
Clean out garage (place all extra “stuff” in storage).
Power wash fences exterior floorings.
Touch up paint (inside and outside).
Spray some pesticide on the lawn and outside walls.

At The Front Door:
Ensure door bell works.
Repair any broken screens.
Clean or paint the front door.
Repair or change door locks and all handles.

Clean A/C filters and grills.
Tighten door knobs and latches.
Repair cracked plaster.
Clean and repair windows, and screens.
Repair seals around tubs and basins.
Change defective light bulbs.
WD-40 or Silicone squeaking doors.

There are many other simple and small things that can be done to beautify your home and make it stand out to prospective buyers. I would be glad to provide you with a free home analysis and suggest other simple improvements.
Do not do anything expensive, such as remodeling. If possible, use savings to pay for any repairs and improvements – do not go charging up credit cards or obtaining new loans. Remember that part of selling a house is also preparing to buy your next home. You do not want to do anything that will affect your credit scores or hurt your ability to qualify for your next mortgage.

Seems like a lot of work, but it will be well worth it with a quick and higher re-sell.

OK, now we need to price your home appropriately for the market. The best way to do this to perform a CMA (comparable market analysis). This will reveal what other comparable properties have sold and selling for in the area.

Why is a CMA important?

CMA's reflect other comparable properties in the area that are actively selling and have sold in the past. If we list your property too high the chances of fining a buyer are much lower.

I can perform a FREE CMA report on your property. Just fill out the form below.

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