Broward real estate - Broward Properties - buying or selling homes in Broward County, South Florida - Pembroke Pines, Cooper City, Davie, Miramar, Weston, Southwest Ranches, Frank Ortiz is the Realtor® for you.


































I am here for all your Broward Real Estate needs!

Whether you are looking to Sell your house or Buy a home, I am here to assist you in making the right choices from the start, protect your interest and help you get the best value on Broward Properties.

Why use a Broward Realtor®? Full time Realtors® know the market, understand Broward Real Estate law, and are members of the National Association of Realtors. We are dedicated to providing highly ethical and professional service to our clients. A Broward Realtor® will help you make the right choices from the start. Our experience can help you save time, money, and aggravation when Selling or Buying Broward Real Estate.

Frank Ortiz and associates are full time Realtors® who are very dedicated to providing extraordinary service in the home buying and selling process. We will make sure your Broward Real Estate experience is a successful and enjoyable experience with reliable, fast & professional Real Estate service.

Research has shown that over 75% of home buyers start their home search by means of the internet. Internet Technology is very important in today's Real Estate Market.. YOU found me this way! I will Sell your House or help you find a Home using all the latest technologies and computer resources combined with aggressive marketing.

Our clients receive professional, personalized, and loyal service. We will assist you through every step in your real estate transaction and hopefully thereafter.

If you are looking for a licensed Broward Realtor® who will represent your best interests, manage every detail of your transaction, keep you informed, use the latest tools of technology and marketing, answer your phone calls personally, and provide you with unsurpassed service, please call me today (954-822-0796).

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SELLING? - Why others Use Me When Selling

SELLING YOUR HOUSE? I can provide you with a detailed Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). This will reveal the true value of your house, how other houses in your area have performed on the market, the proceeds you will receive after all costs, and how I will successfully market and sell your property for it's maximum market value.

Want an ADVANTAGE over other Buyers? fill out the Home Search criteria form, you will automatically receive Homes that match your criteria as soon as they come available. This allows you to be one of the first to know about new listed homes as they come available.


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Frank Ortiz controls a wide range of the Broward Real Estate market using several Real Estate Websites including (remember over 70% of home buyers start their search on the internet): Pembroke Pines Homes for Sale, Miramar Homes for Sale, Cooper City Homes for Sale, Weston Homes for Sale, SouthWest Ranches Homes for Sale, Davie Homes for Sale, Miramar Realtor, Pembroke Pines Realtor, Cooper City Realtor, Davie Realtor, SouthWest Ranches Realtor, and Weston Realtor.
apply for mortgage apply for a mortgage, florida mortgage, begin home hunting begin home hunting. Search for a home in Broward County Florida. Broward condo for sale in Broward. Broward county foreclosure Broward County Florida Foreclosure, selling before foreclosure is not easy, but can be done without much hassle. Broward county home mortgage Mortgage rates for Florida Mortgages. Broward county property search You can Search then MLS for homes for sale in Broward County. Broward foreclosure help, selling before foreclosure is not easy, but can be made painless with the right assistance. When buying or selling your Broward home, the right Realtor will make all the difference. Broward homes for sale, search the MLS to find Broward Homes for sale in your area. Search the MLS to find Broward homes for sale. When selling or Buying a Broward house the right Realtor makes all the difference. Search the MLS to find broward houses for sale. Tired of being a broward landlord, selling your investment can be made simple with professional real estate services. Many Broward landlords are tired of their rental properties. Broward real estate is now available from your home, by searching the MLS. When Selling or Buying Broward rea lestate the right realtor makes all the difference. Search the MLS to find Broward real estate for sale. All Broward real estate agents are not Realtors®. Frank Ortiz your Broward Realtor® for all your Real Estate needs. Broward realtors® are highly ethical and belong to the Florida board of Realtors® and National Board of Realtors®. When looking around to buy a home you can search the MLS from home. Looking to buy Foreclosure properties, this can be a great value, but only if done correctly. Buying real estate in South Florida can be quite a significant investment. Buy Pembroke Pines Home by searching the South Florida MLS for that dream house. South Florida communities are rapidly growing and appreciating in value. Contact Realtor® Frank Ortiz. Homes for sale in Cooper City. Cooper city Florida has excellent school, likewise you will pay accordingly for their Real Estate. A Cooper City Florida Realtor® can help you sell or buy Cooper city homes for sale on the MLS. Cooper City house value can be reached by using a Comparable Market Analysis. Search for Homes on the Cooper City mls. Prices for Cooper City Real Estate has raised considerable due to the excellence in their School programs. A Cooper city realtor® can help you sell or buy your home. Search homes for sale in Coral Springs Florida on the MLS.
When Buying or Selling a house the cost of repairs are normally a negotiated item, for reasons like this the right Realtor® is needed. Buyers first notice your houses' curb appeal.
Search the Dania Beach mls for homes for sale.
Davie Realtor®. Find Davie apartments for sale on the Davie Florida mls. A Davie Florida Realtor® can help you sell or buy a Davie home, or Davie homes. Search the MLS to find Davie homes for sale. Buying a Davie house, the right Davie Realtor® can make all the difference. A Realtor® Davie house value can be determined using a Comparable Market Analysis. This is a combination of Davie mls property sales and Broward Tax records. Davie properties for sale. Davie property value, a CMA Comparable Market Analysis. Davie Real Estate for sale on the MLS. Davie Real Estate and Davie Florida Realtors®. Using the right Davie Realtor can make all the Difference when Selling or Buying Real Estate.
Discount real estate is a discount to seller's profit when selling. There are many emotions when selling or buying Real Estate.
feature listings
for Frank Ortiz. The final walk through is the closing of the deal. Find a realtor® in South Florida. Find dream home in South Florida searching the South Florida MLS. Prevent foreclosure in Broward County Florida, Broward foreclosure help is only a call away. For sale by owner listings in Broward are not available to the 30,000 Realtors® and their clients, you are loosing out on a lot of prospective buyers that might be interested in your house. Search the Fort Lauderdale MLS for properties. The Fort Lauderdale mls in made public for all prospective house buyers to buy. Realtor® Frank Ortiz and Real Estate partners at East Coast Realty Group are full time Realtors®. Frank Ortiz Realtor® and associated will sell your house and/or help you find your home.

Front Entry Way to your house is important for buyers, as this is the first thing they see after curb appeal. Ft Lauderdale homes for sale in Broward Florida. Search the Ft Lauderdale mls to find your home in Broward County Florida.

When buying your home get professional inspections by a licensed inspection company. Getting House ready to sell is important to maximize your sales price. Grand Palms Homes, in Hollywood Florida, can be found on the Hollywood mls. Hollywood Florida real estate can be purchased with home loans using East Coast Lending. Dream Home Search on the MLS. Homes for sale in Broward Florida can be found searching the MLS. Search the MLS to find Homes for sale in Southwest Ranches, and Homes for sale in Sunshine Ranches. Search the MLS to find Homes for sale in Weston Florida.
House clutter
can turn off a homes buyer that is interested in purchasing a home. The house exterior is another important feature that buyers look at while making their decision on which property to purchase. The house interior should create a perception of anonymity. FlaBuyr and South Florida Real Estate Investors are South Florida house investors. Your house value is determined using a Comparable Market Analysis. This information for home buyers is important in assessing your house value and selling potential. Even investment property can be valued using a CMA.
Kitchen clutter
should be organized and hidden from home buyers.
Lido Isle
s is a very exclusive community in Pembroke Pines Florida. You Mortgage Broker Liz Ortiz can find great rated for your home loan. Found a homes your like, make an offer on the house. When selling you should make your home anonymous, this allows the buyer to envision their selves as if this is their home. When selling real estate you should make your make your house anonymous this allows the buyer's emotions to view the home as their home. Selling Miami home on the MLS. Homes in Miami Lakes are available on the MLs for you to view. Miami Lakes apartments can be found on the MLS. Search the MLS for a Miami Lakes home. Miami Lakes Homes are available on the MLS for your to search and view home pictures. The Miami Lakes mls can be search at Search the Miramar MLS to find homes for sale. Miramar Apartments for sale on the Realtors® MLS system. Miramar Condo search on the MLS. Miramar Condominiums are available on the MLS, as your Realtor® I can help purchase Miramar Condominiums or Miramar Condos, in Miramar FL. Miramar Florida homes for sale can be searched on the Miramar Florida mls, find Miramar Florida real estate at your Miramar Florida Realtor's® MLS search. Your Miramar Realtor can help you sell your Miramar Home for it's true value. Miramar Homes and Miramar homes for sale will determine the Miramar House Value of your house when selling. The Miramar mls is available to assist you find Miramar real estate in Miramar Florida. As your Miramar Realtor I can assist you buy or sell Miramar real estate
or Miramar Townhome and Miramar Townhomes. The properties are available on the mls. Search the South Florida MLS-search. The right Mortgage broker can provide you with better house values on your home purchase. Pembroke Lakes Homes for sale are available on the MLS Pembroke Lakes Real estate for sale can be searched in the MLS. Pembroke Pine home value are determined with a CMA. this Comparable Market Analysis will determined your Pembroke pine house value based on other sales in your area, and several other factors. Homes for sale in Pembroke Pines and Pembroke Pines Apartments can be search on the mls. The South Florida mls is used for your Pembroke Pines cma, Pembroke Pines comparable market analysis. Pembroke Pines Condo for sale. Pembroke pines condominium, Pembroke Pines condominiums, and Pembroke Pines Condos for sale can be found on the Pembroke Pines FL MLS. Pembroke Pines Florida homes for sale. As your Realtor I can provide you with a Pembroke Pines Florida cma, to reveal your Pembroke Pines Florida home value. Search Homes for sale on the Pembroke Pines Florida mls. As your Pembroke Pines Florida Realtor I can ensure your successful sale or purchase of Pembroke Pines home, or Pembroke Pines homes. Current Pembroke Pines homes for sale can determine the current Pembroke Pines house value. Search the Pembroke Pines mls to find Pembroke Pines Properties, and Pembroke Pines property for sale. Search the MLS for Pembroke Pines real estate. Search the MLS for Pembroke Pines real estate. As your Pembroke Pines Realtor I will ensure the successful sale or purchase. Pembroke Pines townhome on the MLS, search the MLS for Pembroke Pines townhomes.
homes for sale on the Plantation mls. There are various Plantation real estate for sale. Plantation Villa for sale.
Plumbing and fixtures
can make the difference for buyers.
Prequalify for home loan
online, you can Pre qualify for loan within minutes and get low interest rates on your home loan.
Real estate attorney
in South Florida can make the closing easier to understand. Real Estate Dictionary for Real Estate investors. Search the south florida Real Estate mls. The Realtor Commission is negotiable along with terms of sale. East Coast Realty Group has Realtor employment opportunites. Why use a Realtor® when selling Real Estate, it's your biggest investment. Relocation can search mls to find homes for sale. A Seller's realtor® will facilitate the sale of your homes. Are you Selling Broward home, use a Realtor® who specializes in selling Broward homes. Use a Realtor® who specializes in selling Pembroke Pines homes in your area. Selling Pembroke Pines house. Selling Pembroke Pines Real Estate in Florida. Selling Real Estate made simple with a professional Realtor®. Sell Pembroke Pines condo in South Florida. Sell Pembroke Pines Condominium in South Florida. Sell Pembroke Pines home in South Florida. Sell Pembroke Pines house in South Florida. Sell Pembroke Pines Real Estate using a Realtor®. South Broward Apartments for sale. Buy or Sell your South Florida home, or South Florida homes using a Realtor®. You can find homes for sale in the South Florida mls. Search South Florida Real Estate on the MLS. South Florida Real Estate on the MLS. Use a South Florida Realtor® for the purchase or sale on the Florida House. South Florida Townhomes are available on the MLS. Find South Fl Real Estate on the MLS.
Southwest Ranches
homes for sale. Your Southwest Ranches Florida Realtor can ensure the successful sale and purchase of your Southwest Ranches home. Selling or Buying Southwest Ranches home are available on the Southwest Ranches homes for sale on the MLS. Determine your Southwest Ranches house value, comprised of homes on the Southwest Ranches mls for sale. View Southwest Ranches Real Estate for sale in the MLS. Search Southwest Ranches Real Estate on the MLS. As your Southwest Ranches Realtor, Frank Ortiz will ensure the successful sale and purchase.
, and Sunrise Real Estate for sale. Search the MLS for Sunshine Ranches Florida Realtor®, Sunshine Ranches homes for sale on the MLS. Get Sunshine Ranches house value using a full time professional Sunshine Ranches Realtor®.
The closing
of Real Estate is when all monies and keys are exchanged.
The Isles at Weston
in South Florida has various new homes for sale.
Town of davie homes are available on the MLS. Town of Davie Homes for sale. Your Town of Davie Realtor for all your Davie Real Estate needs.
Uncluttering the house
when selling Real Estate. Use a Realtor® when selling your house.
We buy distressed homes
in South Florida. We buy ugly homes or pretty homes.
West Hollywood
Florida homes can be search on the West Hollywood mls.
, Florida. Search the MLS for Weston Apartments for sale on the MLS. As your Weston Realtor I can provide you with a Weston cma, also known as Weston comparable market analysis. Search the MLS for Weston condo, Weston condominium, Weston condominiums, and Weston condos on the Weston Fl mls. As your Weston Realtor I can provide you with a Weston Florida cma. This is used in connection to properties on the Weston Florida mls, and other homes sold by Weston Florida Realtors®. Search the MLS for Weston homes for sale. Find Weston homes and Weston homes for sale on the MLS. I can help determined your Weston home value. Weston home values has increased steadily over the past few years. List your Weston house or Weston houses on the Weston mls along with other Weston Properties and Weston real estate for sale by Realtors®. List Weston real estate on the MLS. Find Weston Real Estate on the MLS. Weston real estate for sale on the MLS. Our Weston Realty office is conveniently located. Sell or buy your Weston townhome or Weston townhomes using a Realtor®.
What is my home worth
today, can be determined with a CMA for a Realtor®. What is my pembroke pines home worth. What is my Pembroke Pines house value in today's market. What is my Pembroke Pines House worth if sold with a Realtor®. What is my Weston home worth when selling.
What is my Weston house worth
if I sold today using a Realtor®. What is the value of my Weston home in today's Market. What is the value of my Weston house if sold with a Realtor®. When buying the first choice is what kind of home and where to buy. Search the Wilton Manors mls.