How to Submit Articles for article marketing

If you have a website you know how difficult it is to get to the top of the search engines, one of the best and most affordable methods is to submit articles for article marketing purposes.

The internet changes daily, it changes the way we interact with it, the way we use it and even the way information is displayed; but there is one thing that maintains constant, and that is the information - the content!

Let's face it, when you want to research information the one place to go is the internet. We do searches on the internet, mainly google, for everything. From finding gift ideas, to find your next realtor. As a real estate agent, we actively participate in article marketing to ensure our internet presence and ensure we stay on top of the search engines.

Because most home buyers and sellers find their real estate agents online, it's important for real estate companies to maintain themselves on top of the search engines to reach the prospective clients that are looking for our services.

But there is a trick to ensuring your are not just wasting your time writing articles that are not going to benefit you, or your website. The articles you write must be search engine optimized, this means that they meet a certain algorithm that search engines like google look for. Here is a brief run down:

Ensure your title describes your article content, and contains your keyword(s)
Make sure to include your main keyword(s) in the first or second sentence of the body content.
Sprinkle your keyword(s) about 2-3% of the time throughout the body.
Use the main keyword(s) as a link back to your site.

When you submit article for article marketing, your website receives a quality buckling from a page that is relevant to your website, thus making that link more valuable in the eyes of the search engines. Not just that, but these article directories have large amount of traffic, and the readers will normally perceive the article author a professional in the field if the article contain good quality information, and are more likely to visit your website or use your services - It's called pre-selling!

Recently we started writing and submitting articles on is an article marketing website where anyone can submit articles about their service, business, or products for article marketing purposes.